Lifeline24 Sponsors Hospital Radio Norwich


Since 2013, when Lifeline24 was founded in Norwich, we’ve become the nation’s favourite provider of personal alarms. Our life-saving service eases strain on the NHS by keeping alarm users safe and independent in their homes. With our service constantly growing, we’re always looking for ways to support good causes.  That’s why we’re proud to announce our sponsorship of Hospital Radio Norwich.

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Mike Sarre, HRN’s Chairman, said:

“I would like to thank Lifeline24 for their sponsorship, which gives us the opportunity to start broadcasting online. This will allow relatives and friends to send in requests and listen to the broadcasts at the same time as their loved ones.”

Mr Sarre added that, thanks to the sponsorship, Hospital Radio Norwich is also hoping to provide their service to residential care homes.

Why Lifeline24 Is Sponsoring Hospital Radio Norwich

Though we operate across the UK, we’re very proud of our roots in Norfolk. We are absolutely delighted to be able to support Hospital Radio Norwich. Given the current crisis, their excellent work is more important now than ever.

A trip to hospital can be stressful at the best of times. However, most hospital patients are currently unable to have visitors due to the pandemic. As a result, a hospital stay can be quite an isolating experience. Therefore, at times like these, hospital radio is crucial to patients’ wellbeing.

HRN’s service is entirely free to patients 24 hours a day. It therefore relies heavily on contributions from local donors and businesses like Lifeline24.

The Lifeline Alarm Service

Lifeline24 supports thousands of elderly and disabled customers across the country. Our life-saving personal alarm service gives that all-important peace of mind to those who wish to continue living independently at home. The Lifeline alarm pendant button is as small and discreet as it is powerful. With a quick press of the button, users can be connected to our 24-hour Emergency Response Team in an instant. Our team will communicate with the alarm user to assess the best course of action. We will then contact the alarm user’s emergency contacts to assist them and – if necessary – we will also contact the emergency services.

We also offer cutting-edge Fall Detector alarms, perfect for those looking for some extra peace of mind.

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