Yes after 6 months of planning and work HRN has finally got a shiny new website using all the latest technology and security such as HTTPS which means that your connection to us is as secure as it can be and prevents hackers and spoofers so that when you use the 'Google Chrome' browser you will see the word secure with a locked padlock to the left of the address bar or if you use 'Mozilla Firefox' you will see a green padlock on the left of the address bar. If you use a microsoft product check the the first bit of the address is https:// and you should be ok


In the past HRN had it's own playout system (Automation of programming)written by it's chairman Mike Sarre but as support could only be provided by a single person and not getting any younger it was decided to purchase a commercial system


HRN members attended a 'tin shake' at Roys of Wroxham in Wroxham over Friday & Saturday and raised a grand total of £335,