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HRN's Automated sustaining service is used when there are no live programmes.

Live programmes are usually 7pm till 10pm Monday to Saturday along with the sports programme whenever Norwich City Football Club play at Carrow Road during the football season. Mid-week evening Norwich City home matches will take priority over all other programming.

If you have any ideas for additions to this service send us an email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Sustaining service - Daily Schedule
Midnight Night Time
Can't sleep? Tune in to our relaxing night music with a mix of ballads, classical & light music
6.00am New Day
A fine blend of music to take the sleep from your eyes
9.00am Good Morning
A total mix of music from the 40's to the present day mainly with records from the 50's through to the 80's
Midday | Variety Lunch-Box pt1
If you like Country, Musicals or children's music tune in now for this extravaganza
1.00pm |  Number Ones At One
  As the title suggests 30 minutes of Chart Toppers from the 50's right up to date
1.30pm |  Variety Lunch-Box  pt2
More of Variety Lunch-Box. You might even hear some comedy tracks to cheer you up
3.00pm Afternoon Delight
More of what's best in musical entertainment to pass those hours away
5.00pm Teatime At Teatime
Yes, our Teatime musical mix for you to digest at Teatime
6.30pm |  Spotlight On 
Our automated service selects for you music on a theme. See daily schedule for todays choice
7.00pm |HRN LIVE
We begin with 'Focus On'; 30 minutes on a theme . Our Patients' Request Programme starts at 7.30 - you choose the music.
If circumstances prevents live programming our automatic service will still entertain you by playing our most requested records during this time -HRN never sleeps!
10.00pm |  Good Night
  The tempo slows down to help you relax and ready for sleep
 MIDNIGHT  The new day begins - See Above
 Don't forget, HRN gives you SKY News on the Hour between 6am and 10pm, every hour, as well as essential information for your well-being in hospital.